For science!

So, I've had friends request me do some science stuff on the blog. I have been toying with the idea for a while, but never really settled on it.

Add it to the existing one, make a whole new blog just for the science...?

After some deliberation, I thought the best idea was to add it to the existing blog. While I kind of want to separate my hobbies from work... my work is also my hobby in a sense. Yes, I said it, I'm a goddamn hipster (oy vey!)! So adding it here seems like the proper way to go. And let's face it. I have troubles enough keeping one blog up-to-date, let alone two.

So I'm adding a new pane called "The Scientist". The scientist I guess will evolve on it's own, like the rest of this place. Obvious additions to it will be "Brain" og "Cognition" as these encompass my general field of research. I guess mostly comments on recent papers I find interesting within these two topics, or just general function and knowledge. I'll have to see what
comes out, I guess. I expect it also slowly include comments on things I am interested in but are outside my main research areas, if there are discussions and issues I feel are relevant.

Circle plot made in R through the Circlize package. It took a little while getting the hang of it, and understanding how it's coordinate structure worked. But once I got it down, I could make some powerful plots. Data is from my PhD project, but are the results of some botched analyses. The plots are still pretty, though!

I also want to include some tutorial as we go. Both in using FMRIBs FSL (an functional MRI analysis freeware) and doing linear mixed models in R. If I ever get to that point where I feel comfortable talking about it, I also hope to include som stuff on Bayesian statistics. These will likely take a video-form, so I guess I need to learn how to capture my screen while I do stuff on it. Should be easy enough.

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Let me know what you think!