Yet another blog change!

Well.  I haven't had time for writing lately. It has been busy. End of semester is always busy at the University, and after that was lovely summer holidays, and then it was all prepping to go to the UK for three months (where I am writing from now). It all didn't leave much time or energy to do any blogging. I have taken lots of pictures, and have started half a dozen posts. But I need to work on them some more before posting.

Also, I needed a new design. Something simpler and more sleek. And I fell for this design. I find it easy to look at and visually pleasing. So that's what I went with. I think I've worked out most bugs, let me know if you find any. It's from a template, but I did change some code, and you never know what you might have accidentally deleted.

You might also notice a new header and "logo". While I realise this looks a lot like a wonky Disney font, it is actually something I made based on my own handwriting! I obviously made it prettier and such, but I do actually write like this (lecture notes don't count as writing, they are mad scribbles).  Apparently, Disney hasn't just given me unrealistic expectations regarding love and hair, it has influenced my handwriting too! Anyway, I wanted it to work with the simpler and sleeker design, so I redid my little logo into line drawings, and I must say I am rather pleased with the outcome. I haven't shown the Missus yet, and I am anxious to hear what her keep graphic designer eyes think.

I hope you enjoy the new layout as much as I do, and I hope you'll be hearing more from me soon. Before I again submerge my self in work... I have 8 months left to complete my PhD. I will likely turn into some panicking, neurotic maniac towards the summer. Bear with me. It will likely pass, or I shall be forever maimed by this PhD quest and live out my days in an asylum

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