Cups galore!

 Being away from home over longer periods of time can be rough. It has been more of a struggle than expected, and I did expect a struggle. It is hard being away from the people you love, the person you share your everyday life with, to suddenly be alone somewhere not knowing anybody. So I've tried filing my days with work and my weekends with trips to various areas around. I've also filled them with some art and crafts, heavily inspired by my being away from the Missus, they all have a tendency to be very lovey-dovey. But hey, that's how it goes!

Our long-distance relationship mugs. Me on the left, the Missus on the right.
This project was done with some simple mugs from Marks and Spencer's and oil-based sharpie pens. I wish I had bought the fine tipped ones, instead of the medium, as the drawings were difficult to do with such a thick tip. But they ended up pretty neat anyway, I think. I'm especially proud of the motifs, as I think it captures us both quite well. So now we have each out mug, far away from each other, but as reminders that we are connected anyway, through our love. Oh yes, I said it! Go on, let me be a little emotional here, it's all about teh løv.

These cups were really not that difficult to make. There are several tutorials available, just google "DIY personal mug", or "Sharpie mug" and several should come up. I bought a 4-pack of sharpies from amazon (oil-based, very important!). Clean the mugs and ready your design. I first did a rough sketch on the mugs with a ball-tip pen, so I knew it would work out. Or you can have rubbing alkohol handy to erase your sharpie lines, if you don't sketch first. Then I drew over with the sharpie. As I mentioned, the medium tip was a little too thick to draw the types of drawings I had in mind. It took some effort to get it looking ok. I wish I had gone with the fine tipped instead. Another time, I guess.

The bottom of the Missus' cup. 

After the drawings are done, let them set for an hour or two, before you place them in the oven. I heated the oven with the cups in, to reduce the risk of them cracking from the sudden change in temperature. Heat it up to around 200 celcius, and bake them for 30 minutes. Then turn the oven off, and let the cups and oven cool together.
The back of the Missus' cup. 

This should make the lines stick, though they should be hand washed.

The Missus was quite please with the mugs. I still have mine in the UK, but I brought her hers when I went home for a long weekend some weeks ago. She rarely gets very emotional about things, so I take it as a very good sign that the mugs touched her.

I drink my afternoon tea from my mug, and think of her while doing so. It's all rather lovely.

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