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Cyprus has a special place in my heart. From family to friends, the weather and the landscape. Cyprus is very different from Norway, in so many ways. Whenever I go, I realise that there are many life lessons to be learned. Everything is much more laid back and chilled, people approach life a little differently than here.

Aphrodite's hair in bloom
Tree in bloom. Unsure what type!
I'm very comfortable being on my own and spending time alone (and with the Missus, obviously). And in Norway, I do that a lot. When I'm not at work, I'm usually at home making food, tending my little garden and generally relaxing, alone. I like my existence. But I also like company, once in a while I'll go out, invite people over etc. And I always have a good time.

In Cyprus, having time alone is a rarity, I find. Most people will spend time with others the majority of the day. At work with coworkers, at home with the family (extended family, that is) or with friends at cafes and pubs. When I'm there, I don't think I get much more than bathroom-time alone most of the time. And it is nice, exhausting, but nice.

Balcony view
How many cypriot/norwegian men
do you need for a BBQ?
My parents just bought a house at the beach in Larnaka, my mothers home town. It's gorgeous and tiny, and just what we wanted. Just what my mother wanted. She's wanted her own place in Cyprus very long, her own home in her home town. I'm so happy for my parents for the house, and will continue calling it our house, because it is a family house.

It's right by the beach, about 100 meters I guess, with a great big lawn between the beach and the house. It's truly wonderful. At the front of the house lemon trees grow, and one of our neighbours has an apricot tree and wine-grapes growing at the side of the house. It's magical. Our house doesn't have much trees or greens growing, but I hope we can find a way to make it greener. It's tricky for us though, since we'll not be there most of the time, and gardens need tending. But, we'll see. I hope to plant some trees that we know grow naturally in the climate, like loquat trees or carob trees.

Apricot tree in bloom
Speaking of loquats. I apparently loved this fruit when I was little, and I really cannot remember it at all. But I am telling you, it's a magical fruit. So tasty! I'm absolutely in love with it and am extremely bummed that I can't find them in Norway. Untill my local grocery-Turks suddenly had them in stock! aaaaah! Joy of joy! In greek we call them Mespila, and also in Norwegian I just found out (Japansk Mispel). It's apparently originally from China, but has been grown in the Mediterranean for ages. My brother has also suggested a much better name for them, as loquat is a little tricky. Brother thinks the fruit looks and tastes a little like a mix between a plum and an apricot, and should therefore be called, henceforth, a plumpricot! I might also just refer to them as Mespila, as that is what we usually do, plumpricot is just much funnier. So, I brought with me some plumpricot cores home from Cyprus and planted a couple. And they've even started sprouting!! But that's for another post.

Mespila (Loquat) tree bearing fruits
So, my home away from home finally actually has a home for me. No needing to sleep over at family or friends (though that is always nice and I know we are always welcome), having our own place is amazing and a dream come true. And my home away from home has a variety of fruits growing in the near vicinity and ready to pick by yours truly when I go! oh joy of joy!! Not only family, friends and weather, but fruity loveliness at our disposal!

Lemon tree bearing fruits

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