Urban Gardening

My tiny garden brings me immense joy. It seems like such a small silly thing, but it's really very satisfying to work with plants. If you tend to them, and care for them, they bring light and colour, and even food! What's not to like? And the actual work is also kind of meditative and therapeutic. Working with soil and seed and water, it's enough to ground at least me back in to the world of the living.

Fresia buds
It does make a mess though. But that's easily enough cleaned, as long as you take some precautions. Like laying out newspapers or working on a large smooth surface that is easy to clean. Our kitchen table is one of those things. I love that table, and I'll post more on it another time. Safe to say you can see it in the background of almost any picture I take. It's my go-to surface. To be honest, it's really also the only convenient surface I have, but that doesn't make it any less awesome.

As I mentioned, plants need proper tending to. I can sometimes be too busy with work and forget to tend to the properly. And the poor things pay the price. Shedding leaves, drying out, drowning... poor little things. But, I have become much better. It really all fell into place when the Missus really talked about them as living things. Now, don't get me wrong, I know plants are living things, but they don't have emotions or such. Why do I mention plants and emotions? well, it's because thinking of them in terms of emotions is what helped me work better with plants.

Urban gardening tools
I'd always known that when plants leaves start hanging, they need more water (or less, a sure indication to lift up the inner pot and see if there's water assembly at the bottom). Knowing this, didn't really assist me in doing what I should have been doing: watering or draining the soil. But the Missus finally articulated it in a manner that literally spoke to me: "The plant is sad, you should help it". And there you go. The association of hanging leaves with the feeling of sadness is something that instantly makes me want to help my plants whenever I observe them being sad. I mean, who wants to be the cause of a living organism being sad, regardless of it that organism is even capable of feeling?
Wheat sprouting

When I mentioned my garden for the first time, I mentioned that having a balcony was not the only reason I suddenly discovered my inner plant lady, the Missus was a very large part of it. Not only because living together obviously started some sort of nesting-process, but also because of giving me this link between plants and feelings. And now, my plants give me lots of joy-joy feelings.

Regrowing after the frost
Extra joy-joy happens when they sprout. Sprouting! So magical. This spring has brought me a very lovely surprise. Before the frost kicked in the winter, I forgot to take in the pots on the balcony. So they froze, and I just let them stay out there, because defrosting tubs of soil just seemed a little too messy. Once they started thawing I considered taking them in, but I was a little lazy and preoccupied with other projects.

And I'm so happy I didn't, because lo and behold: last years plants started sprouting! I am so happy! It's soooo cool. I didn't think they'd survive the winter like that. Happy happy happy! Even more fun is the fact that some wheat has started to sprout. During the winter I had Christmas Sheaves on the balcony for the birds. Some of the seeds fell onto the soil, and as the soil defrosted and the seeds sprouted! So fun!

So spring has come early for me (which includes a spring cold, but hey), and I'm really looking forward to getting this little urban garden going again.

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