My tiny garden

I live in a city. I have since I moved away from my parents when I was 20. Last year, when I moved in with the Missus, I finally got a balcony. My balcony is tiny though. Not french but still not a proper balcony. Just enough for me to fit some green things and a chair. But the living with the Missus and the balcony suddenly made me realise my inner plant lady.

Plants just make everything so much cozier, and I discovered how magical I find growing things from seeds is. I know, I know, I know how photosynthesis works and know it's not magic. But that doesn't make it feel any less magical to me. These tiny little seeds grow into these amazing plants and flowers. I've been anxiously waiting for spring, so I can start germinating my seeds and get my garden going. I also have a rather new and extensive project going on, but I'll post on that when its complete. Hopefully in not too long.

 Since I live in a city, above a street with quite a lot of traffic, I can only grow flowers and non-edibles on the balcony. Believe me, if you saw how fast my balcony goes from white to dark grey due to pollution, you'd not grow anything edible out there either.

Anything edible I grow inside, in my window sill. The temperature is more stable, there are less pollutants and the rain won't force all the grime to stick to the leaves. I'm really looking forward to expanding last years experiments with more growing and more eating from our own little mini-garden :)

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