Chunky scarfs

This winter I rediscovered knitting. I've tried knitting before, but found it a little too fiddly and time consuming. It seems I'm a little impatient when it comes to knitting. But then, my friend Pid, introduced me to hand knitting. HAND knitting. I mean knitting using your arms as needles. It is so genius! One scarf takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, it's chunky and cool, and since you're using your hands it's not a hassle.

This method spurred me into a hand knitting bonanza. I made some christmas presents and some for my self. Norway get pretty cold in the winter, so having nice chunky and warm scarfs handy is pretty awesome. I love my new scarves. and I love that I can make them!

Friend's scarf in gray, orange and white, 
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My friend Tanta is doing her PhD in London, and her being Cypriot, I thought she might need help in keeping her neck warm during London's biting cold. She is also ├╝ber cool and deserves a lovely chunky scarf. So I made her this scarf for her 30th birthday and sent it to London as a surprise. I am really happy she liked it.

Missus' black and light blue scarf 
My home scarf, for lounging and sleeping. Pink, red and brown

Made the Missus a scarf for christmas too. She can't really go out too much, because she is chronically ill. But, when she can I'd like for ther to be as warm and cozy as possible. Chunky wool scarf made with love should do the trick!

When I wander around at home I try to remember wearing a scarf. The apartment is a little drafty and I quite often have office-neck. So, the Missus keeps trying to get me to wear scarf at home and when I sleep. To reduce my neck-stiffness. And it really does help! I forget to wear some times, and then it comes back. This week I've been quite sick, so I've worn it all the time. It sure does help.

For a tutorial on how to arm knitting, take a look at this video:

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