New and improved!

The last year has been extremely hectic. I've been baking and making food obviously, the pictures are even taken. It's just getting the time and energy to write it up in posts. So I've decided to make it easier for my self by telling my self it is ok not to write a whole monologue in every post. Sometimes a recipe is just a recipe, and that is ok. I generally bake or cook something every other week or so that desverves being shared, in my not so objective opinion.

Also, i spruced up the blog! New design and new url, to incorporate more of my hobbies and diddle-daddles. All the old posts are still here, but are slightly outdated.

For the last 7months, I have been on a paleo diet. Given the Missus' condition and my slightly upsettable stumach, trying a new diet seemed like a good idea. I'm maybe not the strictest paleists, but do what I feel  is best for my general health. That also means I eat some foods she doesn't because I can handle it and she can't. It's all about listening to what your body is saying. These 7 months have for instance taught me that tummy aches and bloating is not normal every other day, as it was before. Being paleo i very rarely have stumach problems anymore, my body doesn't seem to have to tell me I'm hurting it any more.

We're testing out lots of recipe's from various paleo bloggers, and I'll likely be posting variations of their foods for a while. Obviously always linking to the original, I am not  fond of stealing credit. They put lots of work into their recipe's, they deserve all the credit they can get!

So, here you are! New blog! New ideas and new fun! Some labels are still empty, but hey will fill up. For sure. 

And just because, here's an image of the traditional christmas cake my mother and I made this year. Very not paleo, so I didn't partake in it's consumption. Fun to make anyway :)

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