Melted sugar snowmen

Oh, cookies are fun! I've just realized how much I enjoy making cookies, and now I just want to make more and more and more. As you know, I made a jumble of treats for my friends at Christmas. And one of these treats were melted snowmen. I got the idea from something someone pinned on pinterest and knew immediately that I HAD to make such cookies. They're just too much fun not to do!
There's nothing special about the cookie or the frosting, it just plain old sugar cookies with lemon royal icing on top. But they still turned out yummy and fun, just like I wanted. The cookies might have been a tad too dry, I think I rolled them a little too thin so they easily crumbled. I need to remember to roll them somewhat thicker next time. Then they will be less dry and not crumble so easily. Also, I made these before I learned to flood icing. Next year these will be even better!

Sugar cookies require no special recipe, and there will be tons of different ones everywhere on the web. I used one almost identical to a recipe from

Melted Sugar Snowmen

Classic sugar cookies shaped like melting snowmen By
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250 grams spinach
4 leeks
50 grams dill
2 eggs
200 grams feta cheese
1 yellow onion
salt and pepper
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 30 cookies

Rinse and stem the spinach. I usually fill a bowl with cold water and stir them around in it for some minutes, then pour it into a strainer and let the water drain off.

Chop up leeks, onion and dill. Add to a bowl and crumble inn the feta cheese. Roughly cop the feta (and I mean roughly), and add to the rest. Add in some salt and pepper and mix up properly.

Now, prepare the filo dough. Filo can be tricky to work with, it dries quickly and then becomes impossible to work with. Roll out your sheets of store bough filo and cut into three lanes on the long side. If you make your own, it should be as wide as a lasagna plate and as long as 5.

Place two of the lanes into plastic wrap of a plastic bag and put back into the fridge. This way they don't dry out. With the sheets you have ready, place about 1-2 tsp full of the filling onto one of the edges, and start folding, almost like you triangle fold the flag.

I usually use two sheets for each pastry, but most people will use 4-5. I just prefer having more filling. You should make about 50 spanakopitas this way.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake each spanakopita for about 25-35 minutes, or until they turn golden brown and flake. I like mine to be matte, but if you want them glossy, brush some beaten egg on the tops of each.

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