Cookie rookie

Life is increasingly hectic. Work, Missus and general life. There is just enough hours in a day for me to do everything Id like. This doesn't mean I'm not baking, just that I don't necessarily have time to document it or write about it.

Some months ago, a good friend had his 30th birthday. This was of course celebrated in a rather genius party with nothing but fun all night! Since I'm generally broke and a terrible present buyer, I did my usual thing: baked a present. People my age generally have the stuff they need, and I'd just be adding to another piece of something they never look at again. Baked foods are nommy and leave no need to store. Win win. And I anyway put lots more love, thought, and time into my baking than I do any other present.

So, I decided to make cookies. I've been wanting to try out making cookies and flooding it with frosting for a while. The technique is new to me, but yields some pretty awesome results.

My friends mother had posted a really cool little drawing my friend drew when he was young. And i decided that this should be my cookie motif! What could be more personal, or time consuming!?! well, there I went, off to make cookies I had never made before!

I am afraid I've lost the recipe I used (one of the cons to posting something so many months after making it!) But if I do find it, I'll make sure to update with it! I promise! But I am very pleased with how they turned out, both in taste and in looks. I had so much fin making them... even though it took me a little over three days :D

Cookie Motif

Original motif

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