Christmas Treats!

Christmas has come and gone, and with it came and went the baking frenzy. So, each year, my friends get more established. They have houses, and kids and are married and basically have all that they need. So buying presents is superfluous  Last year I decided to do something different. I baked all the presents to my friends  and it was received with so much enthusiasm! So I've decided that that will be my Christmas traditions from now on, baking all the gifts to my friends. I've wanted to make a post on it for a while, but after work madness then coming home and baking for rest of the hours of the day, I just didn't have much time left to make any post. But I will make some now! Most of the inspiration I had for these treats, I got from pinterest and are pinned there.

So be prepared for some upcoming posts on Christmas treats (or just treats you can eat whenever you want ;) )

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