Doves farm brown bread flour mix

Doves farm, organic range flours.
Brown bread flour mix.

So, some times you need an easy solution. You don't always have a billion glutenfree ingredients in you cupboards, or your just can't get a hold of the flours you need. Perhaps you're not even interrested in finding new solutions, just want someone to hand you an easy way to handle the challenges of eating glutenfree.

Doves farm makes this life pretty easy. Doves farm specialise in organic flours and glutenfree flours, and even better, they are fairtrade! They have various ingredients, so if you are allergic against anything else you will need to check the ingredient list for that. There is one in particular which is free for just about any allergen: gluten, wheat, soy, corn and nuts. It is their Brown bread flour. It is just very very good. The taste is nice, but still neutral, and it rises very well.

I've tried baking the brown bread in both the machine and in the oven, and both worked really really well. The packet really explains everything you need to know. I will come with one recommendation, though. If you are baking in the machine, stick to making the medium size loaf, I found there was something wrong with the ratio between liquids and dry ingredients for the large loaf. Also, beat the eggs without any of the other ingredients beforehand. If you add water and vinegar while beating, the mixture will get too large, and will not fit in the machine! 

Second tip is that the packet makes for two loafs, not one. I didn't really pay attention to how much flour really was in the packet, so I thought it would make one loaf. But when I started adding the dry ingredients to the liquids the first time I made it, I quickly realized that something was wrong. I reread the packet instructions and realized that it only called for half the flour content of the packet... hehe, ops! Easily remedied by adding the extra ingredients to make it correct, and then I had two loafs ready instead of one. 

Below you see the finished loaf of Doves farm brown bread. I had to adjust liquids and flour for the large loafe in the breadmaker, but it seems I overcompensated with the liquids, so it deflated on top a little. Also, you can see where the paddle of the machine sat in the middle. I think I'd better to split the bread in two when hot, and take out the paddle then. It comes out more easily then, than when cold.

Third tip os to use a milk subsistute when baking it, if you are on a milk free diet. I usually use almond milk, because I think it has a nice, sweet taste much like proper milk. This batch, however, I didn't have any milk, and I really just needed to make a bread, so I just used water instead of milk. This makes it less nutricious, of course, and takes away some of the taste. But I still think it worked out really well!

This time I thought I'd also show you how I prepare the loaf for freezing. As I said in an earlier post, I slice up the bread, and freeze it to keep it from getting too stale. The picture below shows how I place the squares of papir between each slice to keep them from getting frozen together and impossible to part. And then I also reveal my deep dark secret: I cannot slice bread by hand! It's quite embarassing. I'm just not very good at keeping the knife straight. I know all you other people have some trick that you are not telling me about to do this! I just know it!

Bread, sliced and ready to be frozen. 

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  1. Thank you for this post! I'm always trying to find the best ways to bake gluten free bread, and I just don't have enough ingredients at hand to make a recipe from scratch, so mixes are good! Where do you buy this one? Only online? Hope to see a review of all the mixes you can find in Norwegian shops if you ever have time;)

    1. I bought this one at "Sunkost" at Gunerius in Oslo. It's really cheap, 45NOK! I think that's a pretty decent price considering it being gluten and wheat free and also organic and fairtrade. It's bread with a good conscience!

      They also have a white bread flour mix that is glutenfree, but it contains corn, which the Missus can't eat. But if it works as well as this one, I think you and Hubby-to-be will be happy with it :)

    2. Omnomnom, thanks!


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