Chocolate almond ganache cake

So, I recently had my 28th birthday. Thank you, thank you! It was preceeded by some very fortunate events: My PhD-fellowship position was officialized, I found a new apartment to rent just two blocks away from where I live now (which is handily close to the Missus), and I got to borrow my parents car to go to the Missus' family cabin for a week :) It was just all coming together so nicely! Really! It's just so amazing, things are going great. I have an amazing partner, a job, a place to live which is convenient and nice, room to grow and become a better me and human being. How on earth could I possibly ask for more? I could not. I an genuinely happy.

We've been away for a week at the "in-laws" cabin in the East of Norway, further south than Oslo. It's in the middle of the woods and secluded, there's electricity but no plumbing. So, water to clean hands and body comes from rain, and potable water is brought from elsewhere. I was also brilliant enough to forget to bring my mobile charger, so I was without phone for a week. It was great. I just detached from the world I knew, and immersed myself in this tiny little reality her and I created, where it was just us, the birds and the bees, and serenity. Did I not just describe heaven? It was just about what it felt like.

But, obviously, going on a trip with a person that has about a gazillion food intolerances is no easy task. I was preparing foos stuffs for about 24 hours before leaving. Two loafes of bread, almond milk (recipe will come) and cake! CAKE! My birthday was the second day we spent there, so I obviously needed to make a cake for my birthday! I even experimented, for the first time, with a gluten and dairy free recipe off the top of my head. And guess what? It turned out great! I'm so very proud of myself. Without boasting or anything, glutenfree baking is just so difficult, and I've had so many really bad attempts with recipes. So having one turn out good without a recipe, feels pretty good.

So this is a very thick, filling cake, which doesn't crumble like a normal cake. It's dense, not airy, and has a thick chocolate taste. My mother makes a really good ganache cake (dense, thick, chocolate cake), and I thought I'd attempt something similar. Now, I had earlier that day made almond milk, and almond meal is the crushed residue from creating almond milk. I really wanted to use this, as I hate wasting food. I decided I didn't want to use any other flour than the almond flour (which won't work as a normal flour unless it is dried first, which it wasn't for my part), so it would stay thick and moist.

Chocolate Ganache Cake (Paleo)

A very thick, filling cake, which doesn't crumble like a normal cake. It's dense, not airy, and has a thick chocolate taste. By
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225 grams dark chocolate (70%, sugar-free)
1 cup chocolate agave
1 tblsp raw organic cocoa powder
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla powder
3/4 cups hot coffee (optional)
100 ml coconut oil
1 cup almond meal
1 tsp baking powder (optional)
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Yield: 9" cake
Chop the chocolate up into little pieces, preferably into thin slices. Brew the coffee and pour it over the chocolate while searing hot. Stir slightly, then leave alone for a bit. Melt the oil over very low heat, and be careful not to actually heat the oil. Coconut oil has a very low melting point (one of the reasons it is so healthy). Measure and add the agave to the chocolate mixture and stir until the chocolate is dissolved. Beat the eggs until a light yellow colour and has about doubled in size.
Check that the chocolate mixture has cooled slightly, then add the coconut oil, and mix well. Add in the cocoa powder and vanilla powder into the chocolate mixture, then slowly add the beaten eggs. now, lastly, add the almond meal. I cannot tell you the exact amount I used, because I forgot to measure it. It was about 6 cups of uncrushed almonds to the milk, so the meal left from that, which I think was about one cup. Now, the baking powder is optional because I'm not convinced it had any effect at all on the cake, as it's so heavy and dense to begin with. It's up to you if you want to try with or without it.

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